Welcome to the world of herbal skincare!

Learn how to make skincare that becomes whole-body care.


Make traditional skincare remedies to help soothe muscle aches, relieve tension, and stimulate circulation and lymph...


Make skincare that takes care of all your skin's needs: cleans, restores, protects, softnes. and nourishes your healthiest skin.


Make skincare that supports your mental wellbeing, makes you feel calm, and grounded, and sets you up for a great night's sleep.

Hi, I’m Militza :)

your skincare herbalist!

I'm an herbalist, author, and educator, and I've been teaching people how to make herbal skincare for over 10 years!

Having that first-hand classroom experience developed my skills and cemented my path. I’m dedicated and wildly driven to continue teaching and cultivating a passion for herbal skin care.

Whether you’re new to herbal skincare, or you’ve been traveling this path – I’m so glad you’re here! You’re in the right place.